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Miss America

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Neo-Nazi Flyers in Bellevue, a Pageant Platform for #MeToo, and a Controversial Mascot Remains

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I thought we came here to do something else. None of the Miss America contestants, pictured here in New York City, nor any of the previous thousands, were openly gay when they competed. (CBS/AP) LAS VEGAS - Making her father's prison sentence her platform for the Miss America pageant was a family decision, year-old Laura Kaeppeler has said.

Free teaching experience papers, essays, and research papers. Supporting children's hospitals is a community effort, and your local contestant needs your help.

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Because funds donated to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals stay in the community, when you donate you're helping kids near you?maybe even the children in your own life. Sep 07,  · Miss America Cara Mund is elaborating on the five-page letter she wrote in August that criticized the Miss America Organization's leadership, including the.

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Miss america platform essays
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